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O.D. Tehnic produces parts made of fiberglass reinforced resin, 95% of our production being in the railway industry (interior and exterior, painted and unpainted parts, for trams, trains and locomotives), but we also produce parts for air traffic signaling, for electric generators and for different other industrial applications.

Over 95% of our production is for export to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France, and our customers include some of the world’s largest companies in the railway industry.

Our company has certified the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/ TS22163:2017 (Industrial Railway Industry Standard). Additionally, our company is certified by the TC Kleben Institute in Aachen, according to DIN 6701-2, for industrial bonding. Moreover, the company is certified by SVV Prague according to EN 15085-2 for the handling of welded parts.

O.D. Tehnic has highly qualified employees, a modern production facility featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing and performance control equipment, and a 14 year experience in producing parts made of fiberglass reinforced resin, delivering high quality products and having excellent KPI results in terms of NCG (nonconforming goods) and OTD (on time delivery).


 March 2004:  O.D. TEHNIC is founded.

 2004-2008:  developing own projects which concern manufacturing components for the Romanian market:

Sanitary: straight and corner bathtubs, shower trays and bathroom sinks and their distribution nationwide
Parts for railway vehicles: borders, plumbing components and accessories for LE Romanian locomotives
Elements for parks and playgrounds for children: slides, benches, chairs, decorations and objects (cars, animals, figures) that equip a recreational area
Containers for food and industrial use.

 July 2006 – November 2006:  acquisitioning and upgrading our own production hall located in PODARI, Dolj County, Romania.

 March 2007:  the Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001, certificate no. 74483 issued by TÜV Thüringen – Germany.

 May 2008:  the audit of the second part is successfully completed and so, O.D. TEHNIC becomes provider for one of the top world producers of railway vehicles.

 2008 – present:  developing projects that concern the manufacture of parts for the European Union market, as follows:

Parts (inner and outer elements) for rail vehicles

Parts for air traffic and road safety

Parts for generators

Mannequins for decorating stores.

 March 2010 / March 2013 / March 2016:  Quality Management System ISO 9001 is recertified, certificate no. TIC 15 100 74483 issued by TÜV Thüringen – Germany.

 August 2011 / August 2014 / August 2017:  Quality Management System for the rail industry as IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) is certified and then recertified, certificate no. 477719IRIS issued by IRIS and DQS GmbH – Germany.

 September 2011:  EAS according to DIN 6701 EAS is certified, certificate no. D-KTZ-52531-3301-110916-2225 EUROPEAN ADHESIVE SPECIALIST, EUROPEAN FEDERATION FOR WELDING, JOINING AND CUTTING.

 January 2012 / July 2014 / July 2017:  certified and then recertified for bonding parts in the railway industry, according to DIN 6701, certificate issued by TC Kleben – Germany.

 August 2017:  certified for welding parts in the railway industry, according to EN 15085-2, certificate issued by SVV Praha.

 August 2018:  certified according to ISO 22163:2017 and ISO 9001:2015, certificates issued by DQS.

Facilities, equipment, technologies

O.D. TEHNIC S.R.L. holds a modern production place, located at PODARI, str. Abatorului, nr. 3, Jud. Dolj, ROMANIA, equipped with advanced technology.

Technological processes applied are:

Hand rolling

Simultaneous projection

RTM injection

Paint spray booth and professional drying.

O.D. Tehnic - Facilities and equipment


O.D. TEHNIC aims to represent a benchmark in the manufacture of composite materials, satisfaction of customer requirements being the main objective of the quality policy.

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